On the blackboard with the countdown

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By this, you can not change reality. I lit a small piece of paper, Look at that red flame quietly burning, my heart is faint bit of a pain. I lay in bed a short while asleep, the dream appeared to her lovely smile, her eyes stared at me without saying a w Cheap Nike Air Max ord. Suddenly, she disappears in front of me. I suddenly woke up, oh! Turned out to be a dream! Morning! As usual in the old place, she go to school, a good regular time she did not come, I suddenly think of it, we broke up? She must go first. In school, I need to make a lot of rolls. Third, for the endless papers, do not stop to Adidas UK write exams large and small, they oppress you breathless.


On the blackboard with the countdown on the remaining two days, the time for the elderly when you Accidentally, he to by your side stroll away. Oops! The time off really fast! Soon in the examination. I'm not ready, ah! Night, I sat at the window, looking at the Galaxy. Thinking, and suddenly a moth flying over my eyes, my eyes flash. I want to be a brave moths, coach handbags uk whether fire or magma, I'm flying in the past, to dream fuel, test, and I am ready waiting for the exam. In the exam day, the teacher gave us pressure a few questions, and then the teacher gave us to buy some of the apricot, but also a good wash. Said to eat the apricot guitar calendar, the examination will be able to. Our boys basically each have robbed two apricot, while girls rushing to an apricot, a no rushing! Then the teacher to speak, and you boys are too outrageous to give the girls a few, one-person one, there must be a gentleman demeanor?


Go home at night after dinner, before six o'clock. My father let me go to sleep, good sleep, a good test tomorrow ah! The father patted my shoulder and said belstaff jackets to me. I promise, uh! I will. That night was so quiet! Can hear the insects the sounds outside the window. I squint eyes for a long time can not enter the dream may be the time clock at play, resulting in a long time I can not sleep. I quietly his eyes lying in bed motionless, is that lying. Soon, I finally fell asleep. Morning, my father woke me up. Mother early in the morning put the breakfast ready, and gave me cook a few mint package egg. I eat a poached egg, I went to the Cheap Supra Shoes UK exam, my father went with me. Outside the examination room, there are many parents, they are fuel for their children! Encouragement! Their eyes and my father's eyes are very similar, are the kind of desire that their children can test a good score in the examination.



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