New Year her face never reveal a point

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I listened to was so humiliated face red ear hot, I feel a big loss as "sir"! Large enough to encourage me to installed Mr. like, I do not have the ability and habit of playing, but also because I really like reading, so my life can be regarded as never enjoy the belstaff jackets life of the children's game. Every autumn, my concubine grandmother with me to the fields, "supervisor cut (top good Tian, ??floods, droughts and worry-free harvest the best tenants each about landowner to monitor the cut, and lay millet, two so far), I always sat under a tree reading a novel. Eleven or twelve years old, I am a little lively point, actually, and a group of students organized a drama cmother several times invited to the clan elders, he set the number of monthly use fee. But he always is not enough, everywhere the owed smoke debt gambling debts.


Annual New Year's Eve my Cheap Supra family there is always a crowd of debt collection, each a lantern, and refused to go on sitting in the hall. Big Brother has long been to avoid out. Two rows of chairs of the hall are full of lanterns and creditors. My mother walked out of cooking dinner, to thank the Kitchen God, lucky money and other things, just as this group of people never see. To nearly the middle of the night, is about "closed doors", my mother only through the back door to coach bags sale go out, the central one neighbor capitalists come to my house, each one of the debtors to develop a little money.


Do do bad debt collection in this group of a lantern go out. While, the brother knocked on the door. My mother never scolded him ecco uk one. New Year, her face never reveal a point of looking angry. This New Year, I've had six or seven times. Sister is the most incompetent and most sensible people, Yisow is a very competent and gas is very narrow. They often Nao Yixian, only because belstaff uk my mother's gas an example, they are not the had openly criticize Xiangda thing. Petulance, they just do not speak, did not answer, face down, as people ugly; Yisow angry, his face turning blue, it is terrifying. Their petulance to my mother, is also true. I was initially all do not know how this set, then gradually to understand Man's face. 

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