Lu teacher was belstaff leather jackets counseling

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Ru Juan previously sold popsicles. How much capital? "I said:" seven or eight dollars to buy a Popsicle box, plus the capital was transferred Popsicle, a total of 20 yuan is enough . "aunt took me to the old Cross Street, bought a white foam box. Also told me the Timberland Boots Cheap freezer position. I transferred a 100 Popsicles and 50 peanuts, mung bean cake, came to the country selling. The first day, I made a few dollars, and my heart was delighted. Later, I found some of the Omura house 150 Popsicle also less. It has added a 50 bean popsicles. At that time, the retail price of mung bean popsicles about a dime a. More than two cents a peanut cake was easy to sell something.


So, I always tune 150 green bean popsicles, peanut cake plus 50. I always thick in the village near the road Luo village street to go door to door, shouting loudly. "Selling popsicles! Flat Joan popsicles! Buy Popsicle - Popsicle Jean Ping -" From that day, I rarely chat with Hu Sisi. I know that with her to explore life, my life has become bleak. Beginning June 1, my diary also temporarily stopped. I really put all our energy into being tense review. Every night the same Huanglong, Liu Zhi will, Ding Cong other two students stay up late North Face Sale Outletat night before bedtime read. However, the Huanglong likely going to happen with Chen Menglei stay up more time than learning time.


The last two weeks of junior high school career that I attend to other things. I'm really into the "one read only the books of sages, ears do not hear out of the window," the state. July 3, I decided to go to Los thick secondary school teachers also Lu honest Nike Shox Shoes money. The father wanted to be $ 40, but anxious to see his father's look, I mentioned the mouth, then changed again, I said: "Daddy, I have the test when the teacher by 20 yuan Lu integrity, he said to Today I sent. "aside money while his father rebuked beggar said:" do not spend money! "I took the father of the yuan, an air of sadness. At the moment, I thought is not his father's hard-earned money, but think of the teacher due to Lu when we can pay off $ 20. With dismay I walked into Los thick secondary schools, found that Ding Cong, the Housing Min, Hu Sisi and other students came.


We Xialiao for a while. I really want to speak to them to borrow money. This shattering of thought, after all, is not another way, it gave up. I remembered less as one teacher Lu honest money, chat with them without the slightest thought. I walked home alone Chaolu teacher. Lu teacher was belstaff leather jacketscounseling her homework. I said, "Lu teacher, really sorry I can pay you today, $ 20 $ 20 sent over time to give you." Lu integrity teacher took my money, smiled and said: "Never mind, it does not matter, etc. also out of the way and then you have also.


"I am extremely grateful to say:" Thank you so much I must pay off as soon as possible. "Lu teacher said:" Good, good. "When we go out, I looked back, said:" I am ah go on home. "Lu integrity teacher politely said:" You do not take you? That's good to go. " Popsicle is the last selling day of July, I have forgotten. Just remember particularly hot day. I Joan county level to the alley Los thick Market selling. I only sell a few pieces, it was dark clouds covered the sun face. I seem to smell the smell of the wind Prada Shoes in the rain, hurry to the big brother of the village went. Forward facing sporadic rain, I was sweating profusely. Today's trading is definitely drain the. Sister went to the door, my clothes have been wet.

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