Levy Continued Video Door Phone

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Video indoor monitor froze for a moment, then his back laughing and said, Uncle Li, you are the big joke of it! Said, and he stood up, do not stand Fortunately, the station, only to find heaven and earth turn, body flash, almost climbed up on the table. His heart was surprised, but the expression remains the same, but his hands clutching the table, slowly sank back into the chair. How about? Video indoor monitor, which taste very comfortable loose cartilage, right? Haha! Li Wei on his back laughing. Uncle Li, you have done what is the meaning? Wentian than video indoor monitor or not to go, I just feel powerless hand, foot, and even the head have become video door phone glanced at him, then turned to look to the other two banquet tables, Lo, the coldness in his eyes flashed, his back and sighed, a long while, he put down the bottle, said slowly, video indoor monitor, No matter what time, no matter what the situation, you have to grab ahead of others, even to drink.


Video indoor monitor smiling at him, though he had not understood the meaning of his words. Wentian too, somehow winked. Levy continued, grab ahead of others, though beautiful, but not necessarily a good thing. If the front of the trap, you will fall into the first one. For example now! Or, he shook the bottle and said, in the wine inside, I've already made drugs. Video indoor monitor, Wentian, girls face the same trio is a change, looked at him in surprise. Li Wei looked around three, and laughed, but you can rest assured, there is not a poison, but rather the strength of the cartilage so do not loose, very useful, I tried. Video indoor monitor, I will not let you immediately die, I want a little bit slowly torture you to death! When the last word, Li Wei face drunk nothing, two congestion, wide rounded, teeth, stressing each syllable ruthless voice said, his whole face was distorted out of shape, that hideous appearance, abnormal frightening. Girl screamed, Mangxiang by going Wentian arms.



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