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Cheap nike air max, rubbing his chin, shaking his head. I do not know what the hell this Han playing tricks. Perhaps he really is up to play Pale Ba, Jiang Sen laughs. Green Gang to the present situation, the retreat is the best way, or once opened tigers, they still want to break up the withdrawal of Shanghai, however, after that will be a huge loss, compared to some of the green initiative to help more beneficial, at least save power. Well! Cheap nike air max yo said. While this win is very disappointing, but we can not slow in action Namhong door! Said, and he was in mine heart Jing'an East play to call, so he directed the following brothers, as many contend grab Jing'an sites, especially the Green Gang Division, must have been party to be brought down.


Dong Xin Lei knew enough, nodded yes. freemason and in northern Jingan district Namhong door when you scramble, freemason Chao Hong Kong to cheap nike air max sudden phone call, saying encounter killer attack, his body a few guns, the hospital now, at stake. Cheap nike air max listens, his face changed Dayton, quickly asked Road. Who can know what womens nike air max the Jing'an area! Green Gang is staff also confirmed a non-left after! Main Namhong door began to advance to the Jing'an area! Green left to accept help wherever he goes! At the same time! North freemason also entered the main Jing'an! And Namhong door the same! Green Gang frantically seize wherever he goes! North freemason stronghold inside! Cheap nike air max looked at the map, on the side of the Visual Angle and economic wave duo Xiaohe said. The Han can really understand the times, not even Tiger retire, some do not like his character. Bo Velvet Shoulder Road. But Green Gang is indeed back, my side investigation made ??it clear that the Green Gang in Jing'an district did not leave a person.



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