Journals published Nike Shox Shoes as a graduation

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A variety of assessment index system is mainly based on research-oriented, such as the number of core journals, the number of international SCI papers, the number of national issues, the number of provincial and ministerial issues, so the total research funds coach bag . Training on teaching, the most weight indicator is the so-called Prozac number of doctoral thesis (ie, an annual assessment for each subject one hundred national outstanding papers), and indeed the research indicators. In the education department seems to fight world-class universities, mainly the research, so research-based indicators. However, this index system of Chinese universities, only a little reluctantly SCI also international, but is not internationally accepted measurement system, other indicators, in fact, just entertain with Chinese characteristics.


Chinese so-called core academic journals, the academic quality of the original will need to determine, but in the mad pursuit of the various colleges and universities the number of papers in the case, take the lead in the invention of Nanjing University Graduate mandatory core journals published Nike Shox Shoes as a graduation prerequisite method, " Hyperactivity "approach, people raised the number of the school paper was published, various schools have followed suit, so this is essentially illegal, as the university's new practice. Students can not make paper, they buy, not only to buy paper, buy layout and various academic journals, so betrayed layout, become common practice, and further undermined the quality of academic journals. Now the situation is with China has the world's university students to match up, China has the world's largest amount of published papers, but actually was declining competitiveness research trend.


Professors so students would not have said, the university "Great Leap Forward" Over the years, the students copied the most serious stage of examination, but also the quality of student papers worst stage, the network spread, the network has become a considerable number of students in a variety of papers birthplace, and even help the teacher to do the task, but also to move from the inside, which is why there are so many Supra Trainers big-name professor guilty of plagiarism wrong reasons. University of years, the biggest problem is the failure of teaching students to respect life, in front of the teacher's example, and some students even lost the basic sense of responsibility, at least, the moral sense. In a sense, I now pursuing a university-style management, management of cadres of teachers will make sure that the I, is to be obedient, and this I managed to transform the students there, then become a slave of education and management two-pronged approach, the result is Jieao who became angry, young, docile slaves who became the next generation.


State and community college to develop an independent personality, expectations of creative talent, has in reality poles apart. This increase in competition in scientific research, study, very impetuous. From teachers to students, we just want to cheap supra shoesback out, faster, more results, results of a large number of shoddy consequent large numbers of so-called simple repetition, low-level redundant, or even filled with a lot of common-sense errors. Meanwhile, plagiarism, fraud, seizure (mainly students) results, and other academic theft and corruption prevalent in some schools, the more so-called leading scholar, the more likely to commit such a scholar in the international arena appears to be fatal errors, because too many things attached to his name.

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