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Lee kaihe, you listen to me clearly could not pay Tse Tung asked, I will help quell your Northeast today! At this time, Lee kaihe pay a good relationship with the boss a few have come out from the nightclub to see such a situation, everyone is a few startled, Inner Mongolia gang boss named it along his deepest personal friendship with Lee kaihe see he was wounded, his angry, loudly. You do is not too far? There are so many think it is the boss in the nightclub, everyone is green Bangzhong hesitated, cotinine also secretly frowned. That Shun continued. Just now, we have been drinking at a nightclub, kaihe doing something wrong, so you scaled the Green Gang caused so much people want to fight you? Kind of put the gun down, and I single! He was getting more and more angry, more and more voices, hands on his hips, standing in the field, his eyes constantly sweep to sweep.


Damn! Peng Zhen low uttered Huangshen ready forward, pulled him aside Wei Dongdong, shook his head slightly. If the matter involves only Lee kaihe a person, that better said, whether it is to kill him, hurt him, and even take away his northeastern help, have nothing to worry about, but a few things involved gang boss, it may become simple, and a good deal, it will affect the reputation of the Green the piece, straight cotinine rush over. Ranging cotinine sold around the Green Gang killers who surrounded them, the two men stopped at the same time, more than a dozen gun pillar their heads. Iron screwed deep suction effect, overcast voice said.

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