In between yesterday and today I pulled the drawer of

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In between yesterday and today, I pulled the drawer of the ink, but fortunately this is not a torture. Or apply Confucius was: unknown today, how can you know yesterday? Understanding of the city today so I have more on the history of the discovery of how rich it is fun, sincere thanks to my career, thanks. So, I called this book "on the city in this interview," it represents a state of survival Nike Shox NZ I - took the interview in this city go. I am curious about the city approach to life. Since the 20th century, human thought badly of human technology advances, human beings have a lot of weapon, they have been able easily to the city to reinvent the wheel, and their nature in the city to give vent to Hearty.


"I've watched him from the tower, seeing his dinner guests, he saw the building collapsed," the birth of the city too much drama.World, there are a lot of "Romance" thing, people can not explain, Mr. Bo Yang was to "thick black mass leader", it is one of them. This "thick black leader Biography" and "thick black school" are out of print books, has been asked many friends seek on Cheap Supra behalf of the first reading, in order to open the Maose, the results all go down. Unexpectedly, then suddenly the day before yesterday, Mr. Han torch phone, Gu Yue: "You at home waiting for me, I have a good book for you." Then drive to the original cost of $ 500 that he bought at the bookstall of the "thick black leader pass "also. Overjoyed, stay for dinner, to show gratitude.


This book is a good thing, is to tell people, a matchless genius, not of the world situation and Japan, their inner grief and pain is how heavy, Mr. Li Zongwu human life, and worked much advanced than I do not know Mr. Bo Yang, straight astonishing world and supra uk Z, and he advocated "thick black", Mr. adults and turtles hard to expose the scar shrimp Kuwana, its been siege, from care of. In all the "thick black school" and the biography being, there are two points in letters, people may not know that Yan. First, he said: Almost all the exercise of thick black when the paste on the surface layer of moral virtue must not be shown naked. All my students, we must understand this another way, if someone asked you: "Recognizing Li Zongwu not?"


You will release the most solemn face, said: "This man was very bad, he is talking about thick black school, I do not know him ... " Second, there is a sanctimonious of the officer, heard Mr. Li Zongwu promote thick black school and indignation, wrote a Cheap Supra UK"thin white school," the newspaper published in Chengdu, denounced Mr. Li Zongwu ungrateful, harming the common people as a result, the official result corruption, malfeasance, adultery disturbing, sentenced to death, their heads hanging in the small statue into the park to watch his thin white school known to the world of popular Yan.

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