I went to take the exam

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Night holding hands and walk slowl coach bags on sale y in the black night. Night as if a black and invisible the prison the heart of the two of us, tightly locked in together, so that two people both care about each other. Sitting on a stone, we are looking at the stars, talk about their dreams and ideals. Sometimes she would sit on my lap, I gently held her fear that she might go from my arms and stroll. Once, I went to take the exam, she was at home painting a painting, a drawing of a large oil drums, behind written refueling. Also write exam smoothly, and I listen to them when the exam came back to tell me. I was reading in the house, she ran to the front of my house to call me, I went out, she gave me something.


Above one-stop, I s belstaff jacket aid: "This is what she said:" This is ecco shoes a couple chain. "Then she took her piece took out her piece of the above turned out to be a Phoenix. I have two two together, turned out to be a heart-shaped, this is jade! I said, she said:, "Well ah! My sister bought me the night I went out, met her, she been there waiting for me. Went over to pat her, and said with a smile is waiting for me, ah! Hee hee! Do you think? Well, good guess! Your mind how to think of how can I know ah! I said it! Hee hee! You said also makes sense! Holding hands and walking in the fields of road and roadside bushes, the calls of crickets, the sound suddenly away suddenly near tonight, then silence. Look! Look! Meteor! I look at the past to the direction of her finger. S Adidas Trainers ure enough, a meteor! Trailing long tail! In the sky to draw a perfect track. I asked her to make a wish?


Well ah! I make a wish, she said. Fast! Xu what she'd like me to talk about! Her mouth an Alice, hush! Secret! Do not tell you. That's right! I do not ask, we took a few steps, wow! Look! There are two meteor. I thought to myself: today's meteor why so many ah! Will there be a meteor shower! Later, however, does not know how my night looking for her, she jordans trainers ignored me. And at night do not come out, I do not understand in the end there for the wrong, leading her to ignore me. I met her one night, she gave me a piece of paper, let me go home to look at, I did not say anything, I went home. As I imagined as a small piece of paper written only five words: we two break up! I have read ... I do not understand why points.



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