I want to please the big brother to persuade

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so wanted to please you help out friends. Listen to his finish, frowned, how are you playing Merchants idea faint smiles: its cheap gang reprobate, might as well get their own hands. Heibailiangdao-take-all salt to help today they control side of the hands of the Chamber of Commerce will sooner or later be eaten by them, all in all, this when not become president, if he insisted to stick to it, I guess he is on To utter confusion, and not only that, also may the employer will pay a price for his insistence. Suspect alarmist, asked: There are so serious sighed: Big Brother, you always know, some things, I can not tell you, and the interests of the dispute between the matter is not a simple businessman, has been dragged to court I can not, and you say, to take these risks not lujia afford, or better away from these controversies surrounding In short,


 I want to please the big brother to persuade to abandon the president in the name of that position handed to the hand of my friend , I guarantee Yangzhou Salt Merchants interests will not be compromised, only he can with those who contend with.Nike Air Max UK You so confident I will be able to say to move not try how do you know it helpless, really no way to get him: Oh, well, in short, everything like peace. Cousin, aunt walked so many years, I do not know what you do out in the end, you always want to tell me, I am indeed very worried about you. Comfort: right, brother, I'm fine, I this is a million flowers too, inch grass Zhanshen. Shook his head, looking earnestly: often walk by the river, how can I not wet shoes, all things that thou mayest Be careful. Rode a small half hour, all of a sudden want to urinate about shortly before tea was drunk. Simmering and went a long way, and finally saw a blue brick white tile in a Xinglin Taoist, in front of an elderly nuns in cleaning Pretrial deciduous.


 Dismounted, the horse is an apricot, walked straight to the nuns of the sweeping in front of the Taoist politely asked: Master, could lend your outlook the latrine a moment anxious, also not remember gentle remark, we directly asked. Cheap Nike Air Max The nuns looked up at her, continue to clean, lightly: girl or make haste to leave it here and not suitable for the girl to stay long. Anxious, not that their home latrines still so precious! Severe abdominal pain resistance under the heart pleaded: Master, I worry, I beg you to be good enou http://www.nikeairmax4shoes.com/  gh, I only use a small. Nuns heaved a breath, said: everything from being too inflexible, the calendar of the robb ery were each hit, How I where force about. Frantic, then how can there be space to listen to her Zen, hastily: Master! You do not say that I may direct Chuang, ah! The nuns do not get angry, still leisurely said: girl, I see you ruddy recently must be a happy event, but a palpable feeling of black air between YINTANG, I'm afraid this girl go, life will turn a turn. 


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