I think you feel I long to see your heart

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  I send the car home, finally come to understand what is reluctant I went back to the East Gate of the bus, waited for half an hour, riding on a back taxi. This day I have more than 30 hours did not sleep, but still did not feel exhausted. I answered  Basketball Shoes Sale  the 51 Xiaobian interview, at 23:00 wrote to talk about: the original happiness can be very simple ... Since then, increasingly strongly miss you, I think of an excuse to meet about Chuk Yuen mining shoots. 29, I'll pick you up, knowing that it is an excuse, you come, I think you feel I long to see your heart. Meal, the cousin they actually really want to go mining shoots, so the mountains, the day I pull up your hand. Chuk Yuen, sitting in the same stone on you ask me or not believe in love at first sight? I tell you, when y Cheap Supra Shoes  our heart desire has been to see a person, when a message can make you happy for a long time, that is, you fall in love with him. You ask what I like to you?


 I tell you, I want you to be happy, I just like to be with you, you can listen to you talk, you can also quietly in a daze. Like everything about you, true love, there is no reason, there is no why. From that moment on, we are in love. That night, I tell you, that moment on, I will not make you sae, you understand why you and others to no avail. At 5:00 on May 3rd, I just lie down, you Mengen downstairs. I ran down the stairs, holding your hand the moment, tears streaming down. In the room Supra Shoes  , we hugged, watching you was red and swollen eyes and pinched was silt clear arm, my heartache broken, tears the Qin wet each other's skirts.


We put the towel on the refrigerator chilled after you apply eye, and then go to the bathroom. Front of the bathroom mirror, wore red and swollen eyes, we photographed hugged photos. You said to me, do not cry, I did not come to you? From now on we will no longer separated, I go with you! When looking at the piece of silt clear, my tears still flow has been Real piece of silt clear also one month after the elimination. W coach handbags uk e began cooking together, you taught me to do every step of eating the dish Stir the heart sweet. Day we empty embra belstaff jacket     ce, we do a convention, after every day there is a long embrace, the sweet share, having peace of mind share, let me thrilled! I decided to take you away. I booked a ticket for Beijing on the evening of the 5th. And then before that, we briefly two days we were alone personal world.




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