I said last night in cheap supra uk a dream

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"I think Hu Sisi thoughts have been twisted into an end, but I can not solve these scissors for her tangled knot. I am very worried and said: "You are such a negative state of mind for you! You should change your attitude towards life!" Hu Sisi looked melancholy, dark eyes, my persuasion noncommittal. One day, Hu Sisi said to me: "explore the life should be like honey honey as I said last night in cheap supra uk a dream, but I do not know what to say on the back. Morning boat, you say what characteristics do bees have?"I am speechless. She added: "I most like to see articles about dreams, but always understand the meaning of dreams, very ambiguous."


Hu Sisi gave me a "university student prose," said: "morning boat, you look This "dream." I do not see how it really will. Can you help me explain? "I took her book, seriously again. After reading the article, did not read with the same. I am distressed and shook his head. She was a little disappointed, asked me: "What you say green features? Addition gives a soft feeling too quiet outside." I belstaff outletsaid: "Green gives a sense of vitality, giving the power to actively explore. "Hu Sisi said:" Do you like rain? "I said like. She said: "Why do you like?" I said: "Because the rain is heaven to tears, I always secretly tears, so I like it the rain, like tears my heart too."


Hu Sisi sighed and said: "I have to live too comfortable the. whether material or spiritual, are flat, straight, even if I am depressed all day, that is false. "I laughed and said:" Pretending that you have to install to see who it? you should change this kind of mentality better The North Face Sale ! "Hu Sisi, said:" If I change this state, is to me more false. " That afternoon, I put the drum and Huanglong are going to the well bath. Hu Sisi standing outside their classroom door asked me: "morning boat, you have a lot of tricks?" I was shocked she was questioning this unthinking do not know how to answer. I almost want to laugh, to exercise restraint and said: "You say I have a trick? Supposedly to trick everyone. Or he is a fool!" Along the way, I think the Hu Sisi said "trick."


Bath, I was wondering Hu Sisi's "trick." I whispered in my heart "trick trick, you mean what is it? Is it that I and the relative purity of the interaction between the opposite sex do? In addition to this, I can not see what people Nike Air Shoxdo can be called 'trick' it?" After a bath, I sat across from Hu Sisi asked her: "You see I am a crafty person?" Hu Sisi smiled and said: "Yes, I also dismal, and I really want the world to isolate and . "she said, but also my hands on my head and drew her a ring. In addition to my circle of her, the rest of the students are outside the circle. I know, Hu Sisi is really in Love it!


I understand Hu Sisi including but not exposed in mind, I feel that this world is really a beautiful woman "troubles." They should all shut Xiulou again! Avoid them confused wit captivated the world, do not make progress, come to their senses. Another day, Hu Sisi said to me: "I like walking in the rain, despite the wind and rain Cheap Nike Shox ." I said: "I like my sorrow depression heart, only to understand the cold, wet and only the wind to blow away my melancholy; only the rain can wash my feeling of sadness! "Hu Sisi is sentimental. I understand her feelings. Because she's sake, I tried to do a Unlikeness of ancient and modern quatrains, the name "worry Rain"

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