I play to Russell Yan the phone

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Having these breath, the phone and ha Cheap Prada Handbags nded it to me, Liu Fan, a lost soul like say, how can a child to kill it? If you told me earlier, I will marry you in a graduated, you know, my mom to want to have grandchildren ... At this moment, he will be wrong the responsibility to push me. The phone side, I burst into tears, but also know that everything can not go back. That the frenzied media will be able to see the moon, but do not know the last only in exchange for a total eclipse of a month. I remember like a poison, poisoning death the human body may always be the death of Gu Long novels. A girl the end of this poison took his own life, just to keep her Prada Trainers goes the flower beautiful face. I do not ever, to retain those who can not keep things actually have to pay such a large price. Returned home,


 I play to Russell Yan the phone, she has become the past tense of my dad. I said, I do not hate you. She said the girl, in this world there are always some people are the reason we do not know or meet reunion or scattered on the End of the World. Some things that we predict not. Crying and I said, I know I know. I came to when we used to come to tea shop, and found a note left by Du Cong. Bearing the words above: I have been behind you, he sent you one back. The tears once again raging out. The original, the most bitter, secret brewing for years, the memories of the f supra shoes ermentation into a false impression to filter out the historical heart, the last with the brutal distillation of the wine of


Gan Lie. I suddenly awoke, Liu where the body has had a barren seasons. Luo Hsiao Ke's text messages sent in, I was ready to throw this phone card and start their lives anew. She said, baby, please forgive me for you to deceive. I have not with Du Cong, and I never slept in a bed with him. Please forgive my selfish and vicious. cheap high tops Compared to you, I would prefer the loss of this unrequited love, unrequited love. You must together and Du Cong. Close the phone that broke our hearts. M North Face Outlet UK oment, exhausted gentle, every smile, make people dizzy, every tear seemed gloomy. Turn on the computer, I will be the signature changed: only you and me. Computer is placed



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