I need to recall the past

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, I gave up appreciated by my boss and staff, I gave up the city I love, I gave up a trace of my dreams. Back to the helpless, without relying on, no hope for home. Units employing no school dignitaries, not related to liaison work, my three, who can only stay at home, I am extremely sorry, but we can not say I have nothing left out. Spring Festival of 2001 is memorable, I was destined to rush life. 2011 Spring Festival, I'm so cheap high tops brilliant! 10 years, from the bottom to the palace. From scratch, I grew up in a business successful, and go to all major cities, to go to many places in the United States, Europe, the achievements of the dream the dream of many people, I still continue to move forward, take the more stable go the better.


Now, I am lost, I empty my heart once again looking forward to life less for a beautiful illustrations, is looking forward to a listener, I have to enter my own little world, with a total fantasy to weave a web , I look forward to the corrals, understand me, listen to me, understand me, enlighten me, I need to refre NBA Basketball Shoes sh my brain, I organize my thoughts, I need to dream of Gulangyu, I need to recall the past, the recollection of the sweet. So, I began to learn to write, even if no one was looking, no one understands, no one cared. Recollection of the past 20 years, I have experienced the ups and downs of life, now, mature, confident, elegant, atmosphere, love my Latin, I was so happy, my good peace of mind. Is this peace of mind so that I occasionally think of the Hui, met with the side of good regret, he is not changed, disappointed. A telephone moved, I would like to talk to people, he was to know how to enlighten the people, understanding people, but he and I is not a world, can not go together, so I'm so disappointed.


The friend said, if I encountered one really knows me, that I am definitely tempted to. I was thinking, I am so nostalgic, not interested in new things. I will always live in the story, I do not like the real world, Basketball Shoes Sale people and things, I like my pale or poignant or depression, or I miss. This is me, a common but stubborn, clever but rash, rational but impulsive woman over 30, I look back, s coach handbags till so fresh, so mysterious, so memorable, then, I will in my name to tell you that me and my side of the experience of four women, five of us, personality, appearance, ideas, experience, true, bizarre, vivid perception of life experiences. If you like a woman like me, you must be equally inter Nike Air Max ested in my four sisters, because their life experiences than I am rich, real, much deeper feelings. Look forward to your appreciation, and look forward to your exchange.



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