I have long forgotten words children

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News, a village to boil. Everyone says: "My God, think of Xiaoru That girl is so sterile." Uncle, a change the usual cold, black face was flushed, buy a smoke, everyone that hair. She then slaughtered the sheep of the ecco shoes house, prepare a feast to entertain the people of a village. The bustling crowd dispersed, finishing the gift we sent her to me in the light. I stood behind her, quietly looking at her, she had long thick black braids, no longer exists, replaced the broken pieces with short hair, traces of which spilled cream. I remembered many years ago sitting on the stone point of view in the front of the village scene, and were not her appearance, how will my fate? She looked back and found me, smiled and asked: "Xiao Ru, how it?" I am silent, onl Adidas Trainers y to see her so quietly, pregnant with a heart full of tenderness. One word: "Mother" suddenly burst out from the throat.


I have long forgotten words children, then hurried to jump out. The two of us are word was shocked silly Leng Leng looked at each other, watching each other, and then a big hug. My university years, and during the weekend to help in the aunt's small restaurant. It is a chill evening, the store came a pair of special guests - father and son. In particular, they, because t ecco shoes uk he father is blind. The boy of his side helped him carefully. The boy looks only 18-year-old plain clothes a little shabby, the body with a quiet bookish, the students are studying. The boy came up to me, "two bowls of beef noodles!" Talking loudly. I was about a bill, he suddenly towards me, shook his hand. I surprised to see him, he apologized smiled, and then point your fingers behind the wall close to the price list, tell me, as long as the bowl of beef noodles, another bowl Scallion surface.'


 I am startled at first hesitated and then suddenl belstaff jackets y realized. He called out bowls of beef noodle soup is to listen to his father, in fact, is the cash-strapped, but also not let my father know. I knowingly at him smiling. The kitchen soon on the side of the two bowls of steaming surface. The boy moved to his father in front of the bowl of beef noodles, carefully greeting: "Dad, surface to eat slowly, careful burning his own side bowl of soup noodles. His father is not in a hurry to eat, just touch belstaff leather jackets neatly with chopsticks in a bowl probe to explore. Finally caught in a beef busy inalienable piece of meat to his son bowl folder. "Eat, you eat more, eat a good education. Fast the college entrance examination can go to college in the future to be a useful person to society." Old people kindly said, eyes blind atheism, the face wrinkles was covered with a gentle smile. I am surprised that yes



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