I do not know the princess want to harm

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and maybe eat a little changes, might want her life, maybe others will not come. While waiting to answer academics behind suddenly a voice sounded, this voice is not the voice, but it is a somewhat familiar, but strange voice. You who hearts surprised Meng turned to look at the sound source to speak, but when you see the come Shique blankly a moment. Do not know when I saw the house actually more than one person to come to a dark green son dress, do not know is not deliberately chosen actually set off each other and she chose dark green skirt. While the other looks, is to find hundreds of back, chasing hundreds of back looks like, it looks like, is that technology has become Misty will recognize. Sinking mind, how he, how he would appear at this time in the proton Museum, also selected at the time she left to send! The princess really wits have short memories, is my face, had this soon forget.


Ranging figured, come openings, the bearer of the sound is cool, with a unique cold. Do not say this sound cold, come was colder eyes looked reveals piercing ice as if brewing throughout the centuries. Could not help but shiver, but immediately stood to bed, blocking the line of sight come: Chi Ze did not expect you will choose at this time. The next is really extremely honored, and I did not expect the Princess Having now I can remember. Chi Ze frosty look to speak for themselves, see Free ceremony support, standing in front of him, blocking the unconscious figure lying in bed. Cheap Nike Shoes Thinking that it would so I can not see, can not thin Cheap Nike Air Max  k of all the things I do joke! I do not know Chile doctor This proton Hall what are you doing watching Chi Ze opening, if usually seen Chi Ze she will be extremely happy, but this will be seen, she just felt the world burst! Chi Ze looked up and down, as if I did not expect this, went so far as to have the courage to ask such a sentence, But soon, they faint smile played really pleasant: and dealing with smart people. Hearts sink, but wait quietly


Chi Ze continue to speak. I do not know the princess want to harm my intellectual home had things fully compensated now be written Chile doctor you want to how to frown, this Chi-Chak gourd, this will be exactly what drugs buried, why she can not see through! Not gonna do, and you just want to play a game, you only live next, how would you select you live under dead, your dead will live! Chi Chak smiled, walked slowly beside attached to the ear opening cold. Cheap Nike Air Max, then a micro-pause blamed continue: Of course, only make you an option not this game is very boring, so I decided to let you and your brother, two people do choose. Hearts of a tight, tight looked Chi Ze frowned: Why do I want you to play this game, you're bored, do I also accompany you bored fails you feel that you select 


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