I also want to go leis

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I think I fell in love with that strange city, very tough love love head over heels. This is my unrequited love, unrequited love, love some tragic Acacia some strong. Day still domineering dashing forward. With the formula, the numbers game has been in dire straits stage. Daily, daily from dawn to sunset, to the middle of the night, endless. Deep within my heart tired, often dropped the pen, and threatened on this truce. But to retrieve Air Max Shoes broken pen in the misty rain pattered on the road in the rain. "


A person's life will always encounter this time - a man of war this time, your heart has hurried retreat turned upside down, but in others, you just usual silence a little, no one would be surprised In this war, destined to single-handedly. " I began to escape many people start a person carries the package shopping day music and books, began not accustomed to. Sitting in the window of the classroom location, tired raised his head and looked at the glass cover left corner of the gray sky, inner misery unspeakable. Carnival others, fighting my heart. Never easy to participate in a group of fireflies since that can truly light the world, I'm not that stupid fireflies. So I single-handedly doomed. A flock of sheep grazing on the hillside, and suddenly a car drove up, so all the sheep look up the car, so would only continue to bow to the grazing sheep, it is particularly lonely. Having had explored lonely, surprised at the lonely innate.


Alone is shameful. Like every morning, I read it out loud, while others head down reading empty classroom, my voice is particularly ridiculous. Air Max Shoes Cheap I had lowered his voice, do not want to appear to be so special. In fact, I think that to say a few loud foul language, and then went straight out of this Philadelphia, unconventional chic. However, still alone. Despite the car, such as water waves, I was abrupt. I also want to go leis our love without fading. I will participate in his / her wedding, and grew up watching his / her child, and his / her slowly getting old. We warm to each other, regardless of you and me. I hope I can find the two men, but also hope that my hope is no longer hope.




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