Her angry roar of the sentence

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soup to her drink, her bones where the flesh a little a little tick out on my bowl, want me to eat. Uncle met, the tiger with a straight face looking at her, look at me, said: "See you this girl used to!" I suddenly Bowl turned, minced meat and emptied into the table. Uncle want to hit my hand, my eyes glaring to meet her uncle out into the hands of half-empty, and slumped down to curse like to say: "It's like your mother!" I turned a Coach Online Outlet nd ran out behind her cry: "Xiao Ru, Xiao Ru! Go home at night, my bed was a bowl of rice, minced meat inside heap sharp. In winter, cold and windy.


 Against the wind, dandelion root, dig irrigation ditches for cash sent to the drug Station. Pound of dandelion root can be changed to two cents. She dug her dandelion in an entire winter, in exchange for 220 and six cents, for I have a book fee tuition owed, the remaining Coach Outlet Online Store , give me a set of new clothes. Her hand was cold riddled fingers without a complete swelling takes a carrot-like. I am a man hiding in the room, stroking them new clothes, eyes eye fills with tears the first time. At the heart of oath, be sure to study hard, we must not let her down. I really all the way to book a good read down. Test junior high school years, I have successfully admitted to the best junior high school in the town. Schools far from home, I stay. Home Sunday, she gave me a fried egg to eat, it is that poor families could get to come to the best to eat something. The side of his younger brother to eat, she pulled him away, while he said: "You at home than to eat every day? Sister a week to get back once." Brother, failing, crying: "Mom, you lie I did not eat." Night, I lay in bed, I heard quarrels sound, is the uncle. Angry uncle: home days a rigid, you let her eat well dressed, his own son does not hur Best Basketball Shoes t tomorrow, that you should not give her another good food. Raise so much, I considered worthy of her! still do not know tomorrow is the adult into a demon! "


Her angry roar of the sentence: "Xiaoru but nieces! I never listen to anymore, concealed within the body of stubborn Teng jump up Yi Gulu turning up and went out of their sight, and said coldly: "Do not quarrel, adult or into a demon or, I the walk is from this has nothing to d NBA Basketball Shoes o with you. " Three hours later, I lay down on the bed of the dormitory. Eyes staring at the ceiling, the heart filled with hate. I hate uncle, vilest words over and over again to coach handbags uk curse him, thinking, etc. At dawn on the run away, stay away, the world is so big, there is always one to let me. Heard outside a knock on the door, opened the door, was actually her. Her emaciated body, leaning against the door frame shaking like leaves o



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