Heard some people say

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Reminds me not lonely, slow night, lonely empty loneliness filled my heart, I have said to you always do your bodyguards, no matter where you go, no matter Shanbengdelie, gloomy and dark, like me, stay with you, the wind and rain is Cheap Supra UK not blocking. In fact, my heart still craving emotional'll stay with me, not for eachother, not to do vigorous, but to Gan I would like gazing at the rising and the sky, sunset and go shirt tattered but still the heart of sweet singing, still longing for the plain and real life, think about the two busy day, put down around them tired and enjoying the warmth of home and happiness, hold hands with the child to bring the old promise; poor family, but their hearts are rich fulfilling;


live trivial and happy Hovering in Cheap Adidas the indulgence, experience the sadness and loneliness. Sentiment between forever and ever has in the end which one is true. Listening to the song in the warning I want to say, when I'm lonely, I need your arms and companionship, I know you ecco shoes uk feel alone, I always need the comfort. But this companionship is to take a lifetime, if you do not give me, do not use the name of love I am upset I just calm heart, do not bother my life.


I cry, if you are giving happiness is temporary, just to accompany me your emptiness and boredom, then put away your hypocrisy and affectation, I do not need. Heard some people say, either in the lonely dead, is reborn in the lonely, lonely put an end to the number of people, letting many people find his own in the lonely. D Timberland Boots UK o not let the lonely indulgent reason to feel lonely beauty is probably that the rational taste lonely, lonely can have more time to think about what to do, how to do it, I heard someone say this sentence: single life is not sad, sad thing is that you do not know that he is single. Yes, I am coach outlet single at present is good, to accompany the joy of mutual constraints torture. So if I'm lonely, I'll cry, you feel lonely, it will climb on my shoulder to cry .



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