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when compliance to be as good as gold, must not be acting in bad faith. Five, the Friends seek help, do not force it, do not let friends think you are so rude, overbearing First choice when you need something ask for help, of course, is a friend, without prior notice, temporary door demand, regardless of friends whether reluctantly forced to pull him to participate in an activity with you, which will make friends dilem coach handbags uk ma .


 If you already have an arrangement of activities inconvenient to change even more embarrassing. You ask, if I allow you to disrupt his plan, if refused again to make life difficult in the situation the surface. Perhaps he surface, be happy and for, but inwardly there is a coach outlet online bit unhappy that you are too overbearing, unreasonable. So, seeking to a friend, you must be informed in advance, to take to discuss the tone of speaking, as far as possible under the premise of friends without incident or unwilling request. Distinguish between occasions, advance and retreat a degree, do not let friends you feel tired When you go to when friends drop in for a case of friends are reading an supra high tops d learning, or are in the reception of the other guests, and the lovers meet, or are preparing to go out, if you count on each other friends, regardless of the occasion, do not look at a friend's face, a take a long time, rhetoric, distracting, regardless of people has long been on pins and needles, very impatient, so that friends will think you are too uneducated and behind the times, unreasonable, after trying to elude you, afraid to disturb his private life.


 Therefore, whenever such circumstances, you must respond quickly, a little greeting a few got the message to leave, you know, cherish the time and respect the private life of a friend of friends as valuable as treasure friendship. Se cheap supra ven, pay attention to the terms and successfully implemented a joke, do not let friends suddenly feel that you are hateful hateful Sometimes you in front of a large crowd, or to show off their eloquence, or grandstanding funny music, or `that with friends" close "indiscriminate use of vitriolic language, enjoy sarcastic people, the big fool of myself in the Bo people laugh, to obtain Willful a moment ... these practices tend to make friends feel degrade think you become so hateful, regret acquainted with you. Maybe you disagree, would say a joke bet ecco shoes ween friends why take it seriously, not knowing that you have hurt the feelings of a friend.

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