Guess people think this is the most annoying

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See left prime minister, left prime minister naturally looked, which will hear directly ask him questions, they have no anger, but rather like. Them before the transaction that is the case. The old lady would like to ask the Princess, Princess in the old lady is now in the awkward position to ask them how to choose the left prime minister, will be firmly fixed on. Saw a left prime minister, left the prime minister is not mediocre, which suddenly asked her this question, I'm afraid the hearts already decisiveness, only the decision, but also need support, or hope to find the same idea with him more determined his choice now. Think of this, a slight frown. Statement provided by before in accordance Lu Chan, left prime minister is now in sharp wind Langkou on. Preserve their strength, same with the king to fight or not to fight, which is at a crossroads, which left prime minister what hearts made up his mind, but it is difficult to guess.


But also with the king is sure to eliminate some strength left prime minister, with the king did not say anything, did not do anything, this is a trend right prime minister is destined to go, who also blocked not. As for how consumer is unknown, ruthless killer, Huairou, but now it is that bad, some of the reactions with the king, booing guess, more no performance is probably the more disturbed the hearts of the left prime minister. Left the prime minister's reaction was behind closed doors in the decoration of disease, and declined all visitors. This move is also some profound meaning which is in order to avoid arousing suspicion, at least on the surface in order to avoid arousing suspicion, but the mind is still the party with the country's courtiers. Just now let Lu Chan so she was bringing concocted with the law will also be able to lead other people to come in, but also difficult to guess the real purpose, between the two can be.


Guess people think this is the most annoying, ultimately decided not to guess, only their own ideas and left prime minister to listen, how to think she did not care, she wanted only news on the sounds of the forest As for the left prime minister.Nike Air Max UK SMS understand, but she still could not help. See Then back to the house, and ultimately did not speak, just quietly back into the house. She can feel the mood of the Princess more and more unstable, because I think the upcoming departure princess after all, is a reluctant son, want to leave safely, they must have a personal sacrifice, is the man most suitable sacrifice, all this, and perhaps in the know himself who the poison began, they have been doomed. Back to the house, they went to the bed asleep sit down. Still with closed eyes, long eyelashes cover the trace of the eyelids, and some thin face, his forehead wrinkled Mitsubishi wrinkles, seems to have been in limbo.


Stretched hand, you want to smooth the wrinkles of his forehead furrowed, may ultimately be a pause in the air. Emerge a slightly bitter taste in her mouth. Even her efforts so, when to sleep, still could not help but frown, she eventually did not fully take care of. The princess see at the bedside staring blankly stunned for a while, eventually facing the opening. How one has not come yet to hear opening random write overdone, watching open asked. Looks have been imprinted in her heart, she refused to look  at, and she was afraid he could not help, afraid that they will not bear to be too far away from the child, can not help but want to will it along with them to flee, she knew this is impossible. Only left her to cover up, to leave, this is the safest way! Same time it is also the expense of their own, she still remember Hui Gong mentioned with the Cheap Nike Shoes will be summoned her thing, mind flashed Chen Dafu, her poison was near the critical point,

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