Fourth he is a football fan

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The girl motioned the boy to evade, the boys got the message, get back on the front of the computer to continue his dances, the girl sitting in a chair next to the holding snow. Silence after a long while, the snow boldly spoke: "I love him and love are not limited tdo everyday breakfast to see he finished only be assured he is so casual, do not take care of themselves. He reveled in Wonderland can not extricate themselves, play at home Adidas Trainers UK every night, screaming, and never looked down on the sleep of others, and the next day, you always have to face the neighbor's ridiculed and kept apology.


 Thi belstaff jacket rd, many of his friends, each dinner with the primary task is to drink, his body is not very good, Baijiu seven two, drinking beer bottle 4, more than not, he will be drunk drunk the others will drink tea, a tea on the spit poured ou Cheap Air Max t, it is Shang Wei's. Fourth, he is a football fan, the quadrennial World Cup, the biennial Champions League or European Cup, Serie A every week, football world, the Premiership what he will not miss a three- shift get up in the middle of the night to watch the game. Such as he read, you have to get up and clean up the garbage that next to the TV, the kitchen was turned upside of food. Fifth, the fall of each year one, his eyes were winds will stop blink, tears.


 You know he had to eat what medicine? Each of the past five years, gave him to drink the medicine, but he never knew the drug what drugs, what name. The sixth, his hand a winter will be split, not frostbite, his body is the lack of a vitamin, not a permanent cure, only symptomatic treatment, to be painted in th Supra UK Cheap e hands of the creams and eating pills you know what it is? He did not know, because he does not own medicine, and every time to get his hands before he ate! Seventh, he was dead proud people, friends, inevitably, some people like to take who or who's girlfriend joke, no mat coach outlet ter how aggrieved, more than too much, can not show it when his friend's face, a friend of his the most important. Eighth, and sometimes he does not always go home, or dance the night in the cafe, the PK is his hobby. 

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