Father to see my whole body

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If this test is not good, how he confessed? coach bags sale The next few days, I am staying at home and nothing better to do, come up with to find some job to dry. But father, I'm just saying that they want to work out. After he listened to my thoughts, silent child, said: "graduation you like fun and play. Dad okay, earn enough to get you to school, do not even think about." In fact, the situation at home very clear, the whole pointing to the father's wages, a tight budget every month.


However, I heard him, and found one can accept their own construction sites. The boss see that I am sincere, let me do some miscellaneous family. Every day, I left in his father out, Cheap Supra UK and then go home before he finishes his work. But under the sun is not an unventilated wall, or the children I work at the site told his father. - One afternoon, the father sent the message deliberately bypass the site, far to find me. I am ready to Tibet, and may already be too late. At this time Like father, like a lost child, the hand on the handlebars, afford pestle in there. I pretended not to find him, head down, sweating to c belstaff jackets uk ontinue working children. - Evening, I returned home from the site.


Father to see my whole body up and down the dirty, eyes suddenly wet. Eyes sparkling crystal and a brilliant smile. He Sheng dumplings side on my table and asked me quickly eat a full bowl, I like to eat. - HKALE results would be released that day, I get up early, riding a bike along that familiar with the road went straight to school. Heart heavy, nervous heart that is like hastily turning the wheels of the same uneasy. To the classroom to Cheap Adidas Trainers see the mood of the students are very different, part of sorrow and pain; part but rejoice and be glad. The teacher came up to me holding transcripts, cheerful, said: "



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