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Wang Xuelong did not make immediately responded, in fact, he did not have this right, and then lent billion dollars is not trivial, he needs another one of seven black flag with the help of the summit deliberations. He let the door bell intercom to him one day, and then tell him the results. Some busy down, door bell intercom and then look at the watch, is more than nine in the evening. He patted the stomach, looked up look at the room of the five elements, wireless door intercom, Kelsang asked, laughing. We are hungry now! Others ranging talk, Kelsang start on the sofa stood up, god mouth, said. East Brother, I'm already hungry. Oh! Door bell intercom smile, shakes Road. Go, we go out to get something to eat.


Door bell intercom with everyone settled out of a small inn, came not far from the nearby food stalls, food stalls area is not small, on both sides of the aisle are all sorts of snacks, although door bell in the amount of diamonds, and has had two transactions with jewelers, the cooperation was very happy. After hearing door bell intercom request, he promised to be altogether, said. No problem, if Tse urgent need to spend money, I am here as well as fifty million dollars in funds can be used. Good! Door bell intercom laughed. Explain to Chris, and then give the money to Lee. Understand! With Tony over the phone, he went immediately to help the black flag Wang Xuelong play to call, first reported the good news, indicating that the MPLA government has agreed to sell shares of National Bank of Angola, but the price is high, the need to help the black flag he's owned by an additional five hundred million dollars.



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