Every night to talk about girls

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Mother revealed the trace of a smile In fact, my mother know I lost I am not afraid of one person alone to endure hardship I do not have the heart to the parents to see my hardship University a few years I did not ask the home to a penny I Cheap Adidas Trainers hope that parents do not I worked hard They are older Hard life How the heart to add to their burden. However, the tuition is high I must go myself dummies Delay learning things is not A silent drudge I am a man secretly eat two buns a day Winter, in fact, I am more afraid of the cold I am a southerner However, a few dollars in order to save a hot shower I adhere to cold baths throughout the winter I'm cold, trembling I smiled to say thatf society people To enter university, I discovered how Most people do not like to study.


 Every night to talk about girls Which girl sexy beautiful To Gengshuang and which girls Wealthy Cheap Supra Shoes UK classmates bold looking for a girlfriend to Swagger in the school next to the renting cohabitation Everyone loves to play computer games We all laughed at me a bumpkin This will not be that it will not So I lay a good Adidas Shoes UK relationship and students I also learned to play computer games Playing games is more powerful than they My music after more heartfelt playing computer I also use the money in and borrowed some money Bought an old computer I was very generous .


My computer students will always be able to play I very much hope that the students live in harmony Time soon University over the past few years My summer vacation winter vacation basic home not Nike Air Max Hard labor to make money in Kunming I also comfort parents Mom and Dad in the cloud larger than a good Teachers often invited me to their house to be a guest. In fact, every time I said this is the case there is always virtual Sometimes I have no money t belstaff jackets uk o hit a meal for two days Often eat two buns a day passed I am not afraid of hardship nor resentment who I also did not think of steal them because the money I am strong I have to be proud of I am from parents.



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