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Many people think that "judge a book by" concept is wrong, but in the eyes of discerning people, according to "appearance" off people is common. Therefore, women should attach great importance to the visual appearance of influence on others. Women should seek face feels a little better, that is, that the United States. Interpersonal supra high tops relationships, the initial impression is very important, psychology, known as the "first effect", which is the first time that people meet to form the first impression on the future interaction plays a vital role, which kind of "first effect" in the interaction of forces up to 75% or more.


I have a Canadian friend, in the beauty of work, almost 50 years old this year. 50-year-old woman has begun to enter old age, before and after the women in this age, a relatively significant rate of skin aging, surface roughness, color dark, wrinkles grow faster. I have not seen this friend five years, I wonder, five years her skin condition actually does not change, when I asked her skin care secrets, she told me, the biggest secret is the sun, every day she said coach handbags uk she Use sunscreen SPF 15 Shiseido cosmetics, step out to be an umbrella. Step should be an umbrella of course, is exaggerated point, but I carefully observed, more than five steps out, she is the umbrella.


Resulting in skin aging woman is the first large predators? Almost all experts agree that the UV rays in sunlight. An American dermatology expert did this hypothesis: If a woman born into complete isolation deep underground UV, a hundred years later, her skin condition is still almost as infants; and if a very good women exposed skin Siberian desert half-hour exposure, the skin between the tilting moment will be a devastating injury. This assumption to say is that our heads the sun exposure over many years Cheap Supra Shoes , indeed the most deadly enemy of skin damage. This assumption also shows that the skin's own vitality is strong, the aging process is very slow, and slow down skin aging sunscreen is the most important event. Nursing the skin, this is a woman no stranger to the topic.


"China Beauty Fashion Report" each year in the readers' poll has a research project, readers are most concerned about the cosmetic items, results showed that the skin nursing is always at the top. Meanwhile, the newspaper's annual nationwide beauty salons in the consumer survey, the skin of consumption and consumers nursing visits also topped the list, which shows a woman nursing needs of the skin is the largest and most urgent. In fact, a variety of books, newspapers, television and other media said most of the skin is nursing. Face to face a Cheap Nike Shoxlot of muscle and nursing view on the market three months ago to a variety of cosmetics, no way to judge and choose to be a woman's greatest confusion, many women do not know exactly where to start nursing the skin, what kinds of skin care approach is necessary and what rich people are free to choose.





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