During the day to catch them

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The father simply to lay down their hoes, sit down and volume cigarette. Group of chickens curious, partial head look, a chicken peck towards cigarette paper and tobacco are all scattered on the ground. Father key, shouted the jordans uk mother to her chicken call home. Under the eaves, the mother call out, these chickens started to run, Huanglihuangzhang went under the stairs next to the roof. They looked around a little, neat, which is such as to eat it. Mother caught a jade Mitha out, look very much like when we were young, her arms dig candy to us. Group of newly hatched chickens bought the day was cold. The mother said: "When I was air jordan uk a while a mother hen.


 During the day to catch them out in the sun at night to catch back on the cotton cardboard box. And then something will run, where I went, they with where. " They looked at us to eat, suddenly there is a red father ran over and want to jump up, the mother immediately to prevent it, the original grain rice in the Father's clothes. The father smiled and said: "If it will hold the chopsticks, I have to give it to prepare the bench." The mother smiled: "sitting a large table and more lively." It Prada Sale turned out that the father, mother, is deserted, and they have children and women, no one around. I helped his mother from a tree persimmon, the mother received in the following group of chickens play in the tree. The mot Cheap Prada Sunglasses her said to me: "Do not pick over, leaving a few persimmons to see the tree." I asked: "Why would we stay?" The mother said: "keep it to a tree. A persimmon tree is also sad ah."


The mother said tree, it seems, said he. Those days in the home, often silently watched these chickens, look at the parents gave them, to see if they bring their parents to laugh. I think they like the parents of a group of children. A I was the illegitimate daughter of her man and her lover I was eight years old, my mother threw in front of her home. cheap high tops This gave birth to my woman said, if you followed me, only a dead end. Your father is dead, I even can not feed. Day, windy, rain, my mom purple dress disappear in the corner, I have not even tears are Liu Buchu come. In the rain shouting after her, running a good few blocks, exhausted, I will be standing in the middle of the road and look forward to which car knocked me down, let me leave this world



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