Do not have to lose and regret

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A friend is a concomitant. The friend is the life's long road to catching each other, accompanied by odds. She is to send the rain when you are bored Xinyu or yelling, lonely song and laughter, or sections of affection, happy, intoxicated, or so sweet, happy, well-intentioned pot of cold water. Perception of friends to talk and listen affectionate handshake and gratitude in the exchanges and contacts. A friend is a help solve the problem. Weathertight way of life, friends the wind and cold for you, you relieve the pain and hardship, sorrow, you and a friend from time to time the hand of friendship. She is when you climb an escalator, a medicine when you are injured, a bowl of white water when your hungry, when you cross the river skiff; her money can not buy, the order of less than Only the truly be able to exchange for the most valuable, the most real thing. A friend is a lovesickness. Friends are each other's worries and each other's thoughts, mutual concern, to rely on each other. Thoughts like an endless river, like a gentle breeze in the Cheap Supra Shoes clouds, like a fragrance bursts of flower, like the curl of a lingering dongxiao. Sometimes a hint of her memories, a touch of tea, a touch of resonance.


A friend is a phase-hui. Friends like stars and the moon in the sky, lighting each other each other starlight, encourage each other, each other across. Friends is embedded in the silent care, not necessarily the day to meet forever Heart interlinked; friends do not have virtual intended to curry favor with the nod might have intended; sometimes remote relative to illumine the whole day? The flowers only bloom, the bulk have gathered. If not that of a helpless, how can we know how to cherish. We always spare no effort in pursuit of that one forever, we have always tried to retain that belstaff jackets one result, but I do not know days of old, when there is shortage, the world can there be the same situation? But I do not know If you've ever owned America, they do not need to insist on what results. Many t Cheap Adidas Originals hings in this world nothing is eternal, no results in this world many things, and beautiful still beautiful, brilliant, still glorious, why should they care about the length of time, why bother beating around the bush to seek cause and effect. When we parted, if we can handle each other Road treasure, why should they want to stay together to repeat that a lot of trivial years! Break up, if we can easily waved, then why does not matter to rummage the past eachother, the flowers fall, tomorrow will be open, meteor death, good wishes still in my heart. So all the days of easy, so all the weight-bearing sweet, so will not regret it, so will not regret unfinished and regrets, and so passed a memory, so have today no longer helpless. Owned, and never lost, do not get, nor hard in pursuit of you, sooner or later, are you not what you always do not belong to you. As long as you do not forever while.


Do not have to lose and regret, without nostalgia yesterday. The only care to have. True friendship does not rely on what does not rely on the cause of good and bad fortune and identity, do not rely on experience, status and situation. He refused utilitarian in nature, and denial of ownership, to refuse the contract. He is independent personality echo each other and Timberland Boots Cheap confirmed that he had to make alone but not lonely, the mutual interpretation of the meaning of their own existence. Therefore, the so-called friends, so that the other live in warmer, more comfortable. Friendly want nothing but profound, regardless of each other is balanced or unbalanced. Friendship is a spiritual sustenance. Sometimes he does not need too many words, need only a tacit understanding. 

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