Do not give ourselves any burden

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Exquisite: everything came to an end, not end, nor future. They always maintain the freshness of love. Always in the people know, let them leave the ferocious and delicate tears. Cruel: This is not a complete love, like watching the most bea coach bags uk utiful picture of a world, in the most beautiful places but nothing, everything is cut off, only the memories that have no future. Just this kind of love there is pain, memories, because they missed, because of the pain that can not fly together. This love is not cruel, what is also cruel? Fourth, when love is not what we choose to Love and not for many reasons. Love can not have many choices. Some people choose to wait, some people choose to leave, some people choose to destroy. Waiting is a gamble. Good luck, and suddenly bad luck, and never stand up. Leave is a wise.


 Do not give ourselves any burden, not to others burden. But the heart, as births, like labor pains. The destruction is kind of cr Adidas Shoes azy. Just this crazy listening to the total sigh a few times. Love and not a refined cruelty. The exquisite: there are too many things belonging to the youth to fill the abyss of love. Some good in the past have chosen to occur at this time. Crystal love the glass heart. Cruel place: waiting for is a neglect of the suffering of the time. Leave had to abandon sadness - such as digging the heart, cut off the lung. Destruction is a kind of extreme destruction. Love and not love to have a normalized clouds. This is love is fine, love is cruel. That is why love is a refined cruelty. The beginning been the end of cruel, the last and cruel. Just too delicate, we forget that cruel.


 I Cheap Timberland f you ask me, in that case, you will not love, I would not hesitate to answer: Yes, just would love more sense. In fact, since the beginning and the results are cruel, and we are destined to love. May this cruel packaging more refined more. I know, three years ago that day, I should not find you on the phone said I love you, I should not. All my fault, sorry. I should not let their own want to know you had good. I knew I had to g Cheap Supra Shoes UK ive up hope, I should not have to see you, desperate to come to this city, you are sure then despise laugh listening to all this, you must t cheap nike jordans hink I'm the world's most stupid pig. I should not have it again and again in your school to find your shadow, I was wrong, 

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