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Where in force on the night bus to bring money to the provincial capital. Thought Hou Director to address is the last two home drunk send Hou noted that the Director position, until the car, they found one in the east, one in the north, is not the case. Time nearly midnight, the city has been quiet summer. In force as touched flashlight Toshogu Xizhao only in a classical-style building on the fifth floor to find the house number.



Pressed the doorbell, the door was opened immediately, is a very young and very pretty little woman. Where in force and are wondering what to call from Timberlands UK introduction, Cheap Timberland Boots UK revealing the little woman already face an angry color, complaining that the surname is in it How come this time Where not say anything in force, into the living room with a small woman, wrapped in a newspaper in the three tie tickets on the coffee table, and some hold carefully asked, do you want to give the Director Hou call A small woman with disdain Caesar curl ones lip, said you believe vain Timberlands UK put things away quickly.



Where force glanced at quite luxurious decoration Liangshiliangting room, look up one seems to be living here alone young woman, Cheap Timberlands UK the more I do not know what to say in the summer of that year, in force where the helpfulness The performance is good, except Lang total that difficult, chipping away their Timberland Boots UK have done five or six copies, basically smooth sailing happy, but also have some more or less of the harvest. Yu Li and his wife secretly hiding in the home who had an account balance, the price of tobacco and alcohol and the like into account, the total income of competing almost NT $ 40,000 additionally got a cell phone. A small organ in the city where some timid wife of an accountant, says can do the losers, or sit safely live matter, anyway, we are accustomed to the poor. Yu Li Fan, Behold thy son this ant guts, we Pasha, one did not post two right, but those who corrupt pick up points leftovers, we did not say who stole the card who falsely who robbed who, Cheap Timberland Sale Put a few people laughed.

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