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Laopan actually came alone Nandes. Because his wife felt Nande too remote, the old sow that work day and night and always vain family, married a widow almost just like anti-narcotics police, but also fear, but also dangerous, anti-narcotics police, Cheap Timberland Boots family members have always been criminals intimidation and retribution. So Laopan wife took his son moved her family went to Dali City.



Her family is the Dai people, in addition to Dai Li New Year Songkran when Laopan leave back to Dali look from them, his wife and son have not once been to NEG. Eyes in relief, Lao Pan is a hardy people, parents have been orphans, marry a wife but as singles. Peace of mind thought like the old sow so long engaged in struggle against the enemy grew less pain and lack of love, especially the cold cruel nature must be opposite is true, at first sight Laopan ease the moment, really did not expect this face the vicissitudes bitter phase of coarse man, was actually a loving Timberland Work Boots mostly bland look simple yuan interest, only a few barely make known get on the thrilling, but also just like a finger to the end of the scene skits.



But whether it is a simple flat or barely make do, and in the mouth peace of mind are all vivid colors, is even talking than listening to awkward. Although not all of these cases, she hands-on, but the enemy Cheap Timberland Shoes both played characters she mostly seen these characters have to pay to rub shoulders with her arm, she knew they were familiar with them and some of them even on the eve of along, so each case is almost equal to say by her past and the enemy on the recollections. Cheap Timberland Boots Sale like shuffling the overall transfer, be transferred by all his family migrated to the destination are also seen confidential. This is undoubtedly one of these cadres effective protection to prevent criminals from potential retaliation. Laopan is then moved from the sand spear Nande. Said that family migration.

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