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Cheap Nike Air Max Factory face watching cattle better, Yintang complex and full shiny, director of risk cattle glance over, suitable for the operation of their own. One day, it was Sunday, Cheap Nike Air Max touched cow directors house, saying he has a old school, the one in the field but also when business leaders, have a pen things come to their own business, want to cow plant long talk face to face. Cattle director home Cheap Nike Air Max here before, director Mrs. early to know him. A good impression, he joked, is really a market economy, even the teachers Cheap Womens Nike Blazers UK are about to open a business to follow.



Cheap Nike Air Max said, the director gave the peg, who pulled into the business who gave the profit commission, I also want to earn Liangqian child flower yet. So cow director with Cheap Nike Air Max went out, did not suspect his wife, also politely sent out the door. Both on the taxi, Cheap Nike Air Max pointing straight up all the way past the old house. Cattle director strange to say but also to entertain guests how you live mans house Cheap Nike Air Max birth smiled and said, please forgive director, I just sprinkle a little nervous, Cheap High Tops Trainers I think this a while tiring director, wanted you out for the day, and play.



Cattle director, said, what are you narrow Baba empty house can play what Cheap Nike Air Max said, playing mahjong line does not Cattle director said that, we two fight it Cheap Nike Air Max said, I had to find a good man, waiting for you at home too. Cattle director asked, who is Dubious I do not play with him. Cheap Nike Air Max said, into the house met again, to ensure cattle director satisfied. Yuehua Jian two into the house, greet the Cheap Nike Air Max used the phone to Miss Zhao, as well as Miss Zhao brings Miss Lee. They are very beautiful and lively. Cheap Nike Air Max watch a cow factory look, came in cattle has been the directors face though board, then, that when the two eyes do not miss him to slip. Cheap Mens Nike Blazers UK Comin knows is there is so cattle director hobby, closer relationships with each other will be easier, called no cost work, less money, doing big things.

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