Cheap Air Max Shoes just sitting in the car

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Smiled and shook his head, repeatedly promised to hang up the phone, Cheap Air Max Shoes looked relaxed and happy expression on her face is slightly frowned. Turned around and saw the expression of his displeasure, but it is no reason, just any car with two people slide into the deep of the night. Cheap Nike Air Max to making phone calls, full of joy, excitedly back to love kindergarten, from a distance the lights in the park, the pace has been brisk. He was going to approach the kindergarten, to hear which came bursts of crying, heart of a tight, hurry back to love kindergarten. Just walked into the small playground, Cheap Nike Air Max froze, then my heart sprang an irrepressible anger throughout the small playground on a messy, small bed in the children's clothes, bags and house furniture throw a yard full are two dozen children sat weeping, packed his things on the playground. Which is comforting a child, constantly touched her head, it appears that the child was frightened. Cheap Nike Air Max to sullen, asked: they go again. Nodded, watching the garden mess, tears.


Cheap Nike Air Max asked softly: alarm.  and quality, in fact, it is still ground to be the first. If not often, and all sales policy sales, then surgery is wasted, especially those doing the terminal sales, developed market simply want Boduantui the the not hardworking did nothing. And visits to most of the company's business plan are daily enacted by day, is extremely strict. Asked to what extent, the clerk for many years to the customer on time to visit the day that you do not have time to go, the customer will say this guy how you child, how did not come. Or you always Monday, as long as you come to the day later, the boss does not need to look at the calendar, you know that the day of the week, do this step, considered hardworking. Cheap Air Max Shoes listen to interesting, she said, and smiled and said: see you Rory winded a lot, in fact, is the habit naturally do. Think about it, the original said they followed smiled, and said: So it was the truth, but we had to do basic sales is required. Two people while talking the edge waiting up to something on the desktop, then close go out together.


Cheap Air Max Shoes just sitting in the car, the phone rang, Cheap Nike Air Max call voice with little excitement, The otherwise quiet face suddenly Yangchu the touch of a happy smile, whispered : Yes, how so late call. Cheap Nike Air Max has just come out from the bright happiness, the night wind is actually cool earth, but he thought of the picture have been able to come up with to sell agitated mind, body hand slightly braved Rehan. He looked at the phone, blinking stars in the sky, as if her smiling eyes, kindergarten thing you want to tell her, but has not hesitated opening, long before softly asked: a blink of an eye a few days end when you come back. Bit his lip, aware Cheap Air Max Shoes are fed to explore eyes, thin lips light sip, to know his mind displeasure. But she did not want to bother him, said with a smile: The acquired training new recruits sales staff in place, the date of their training is three days, after the end of the training, I can back H. Nike Air Max UK Cheap Nike Air Max looked up to heaven, gently in their hearts think was back, I miss you, mouth and whispered: Yes, you go for so long, do not forget the little specialty back.

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