Can be this happy mood did not last

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In such day-to-day monotony Kuse labor, full of longing and hope! Their body that the spirit of hard radiation sparkling glory of human nature the kind of simplicity, kindness demonstrated most vividly in their body! Them is trivial coach outlet online perhaps could not be more ordinary woman, but they are lazy and those who, compared to the destruction of the happiness of others so-called mistress who do not know how many times to be noble! Wei is my neighbor, she is a simple and capable woman, a boy the couple. They worked so hard to put a child brought up with years of savings in 2011 finally became home to the children. Although they can not afford the children the building, a family of four living in the 73-square-meter bungalow, Wei still very happy to meet, she seemed to complete a big mission, the whole body suddenly felt a lot easier.


 Can be this happy mood did not last long, unfortunately, come, Wei's husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. Know the result of a moment, Wei suddenly felt dizzy, his mouth but then the husband said: sick, afraid, let's rule, if you can let's surgery. "Wei that n supra high tops ight, she kept her husband embarked on a go The train of the provincial capital hospital. Waiting for the pathology results of the week, she comfort during the day, take care of a sick husband, whenever the dead of night, her heart was anxious silent prayer her husband can safely without incident. Having a hard week finally passed, and her husband's pathological findings is cancer lightest, the most hope for cure of that, the moment Wei finally long sigh of relief. After two courses of chemotherapy, her husband lung tumor significantly reduced a lot, Wei this hanging in the heart finally put down the smiles returning to the weight now her face, her life is full of hope.


When she told me about it all seemed so calm. Gently said to me: "As long as people in more than anything else strong." I looked her full in th cheap supra e face of the vicissitudes of life, there is no trace of complaints, but there is no complaining, but instead was filled with gratitude and satisfaction. I do not know her later how to repay the huge debt owed by her husband treat? I do not know how her life after the tide over the difficult? I do not know her weak sh Discount MBT Shoes oulders can withstand the number of combat and suffering? But I know to her beloved family, she will be comfortable with, take it lightly ... Such as Wei woman for life without excessive luxury, she did not hope to live in luxury, wearing the brand, as long as she was one with peace and happiness of life is en Cheap Prada Handbags ough! Her idea is so simple, so easy to satisfy. When the face of difficulties and setbacks, so no fear, 

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