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If you want a piece, only to discuss his good, therefore, the college teachers, school leaders dominance, reaching unprecedented levels, with virtually no amount of resources when the Head of the Department, is quite different. Similarly, school principals supra high tops , together with the person in charge of school administration, and thus a sharp increase in the authority, which is why university professors have been striving to become the Director, Deputy Director of reasons.


Ministry of Education and the State Council, the appropriate academic accrediting bodies, the various colleges and universities competing to become the object, if the evaluation group accounted for a State subject position, indicating that the school "strength" great, in a variety of assessment, there is a great speech the right. Those who enter these institutions, Professor, of course, in their respective schools is the highest level of professor, to speak very weighty. Core journals and papers published, so-called issue is also true. Issues of national and provincial direction of coach handbags uk selection, is the climax of several colleges and universities school officials to determine, therefore, the academic is problematic. At least I understand the political and historical aspects of the National Social Science Fund, project-oriented, not much academic, more like propaganda.


And access issues, with the school official position, the amount of the mobilization of resources, often the greater the officer, the more the subject, of course, the less time to do (this is assuming they have knowledge of the premise), only allow students do, so graduate students who became instructors workers, cheap labor, so the subject can have any quality, can be imagined. Chinese state-level issues of poor quality, has been no secret that more than 90% of the subjects, useless. Basically entertain such an evaluation system, but it makes all the Cheap Supra Shoes universities whom Jingzhe Yao, forcing students talked in front of "Hyperactivity" of production method, in fact, school teachers, in regular evaluation before, it must come up with something to make up the numbers, otherwise you will laid off. Of course, if the output is high, there are rewards, especially in the so-called A and Class B journal articles on hair, very substantial bonus (in this category, actually the "People's Daily" and "Guangming Daily").


As a result, all teachers must turn around assessment indicators to increase as the first need. We are busy with war issues, run the project, the article, one after another of academic books come out, formed a research publication on the peak and decline of readers coexistence strange landscape. Money in the hands of power, gold enough, powerful, although the school's various "long", were originally professor Cheap Nike Shox, but added a "long" professor, bureaucratic airs put up as scary. A small college, will actually open up to the podium to set the stage according to the rank size row seating, the first head of said first and second sub-head says, whether that is administrative in nature, or academic in nature, in In this sense, the school has become bureaucratic.




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