Better than the state of mind

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  I like fighting you two mouth, see your strenuous effort of appeasement, so the simple life and the addition of a different kind of fun. I like lying in bed at night, around your neck, close to your face, looked on your arm, Erbin Prada UK simo, watching you sleeping like the brow that micro Weicu,, green beard stubble, a bit difficult to handle. itch. I secretly caress to caress went to my face in your beard will accidentally be pressed an advantage ... I like to invite your friends and your weekend go K song, or prepare more delicious to see you Landlords, playing cards, playing enough level, or cook a po North Face Sale  t of tea or coffee, and students, friends get together, talk about a joke, for those romantic past sun, accompanied by a deep fragrance or the smell of coffee ... I like the non-confrontational with people, would rather hurt myself, do not want to hurt others.


You say it is very good, and the non-confrontational to people who have things no contention CIAM. You said, I have wronged have gas to scatter your body, so I was the softest place you occupy, are not careful it will overflow the word "touched". I like to sometimes alone, a person shopping, I can eat to want to satisfy their own wanton, eat popcorn, and ice porridge, baked sweet potatoes, squid ... you smiled and said I was a Chanmao will allocate the money to let me not forget to eat their favorite Mala


Tang and Liang Pi, let me not forget to buy a cup of their favorite taro milk tea drink. I like to keep  Coach Outlet Online Store    Better than the state of mind, and wandering around in a sea of ??text, enrich their knowledge and cultivate their own, inspire, and equip themselves with joy their own. Forever accompany me, and quietly look at my text. I like the little bird like a baby lying in your arms, to enjoy the gentle caress encounter unhappy talk to you, cry, feel good, happy thing to tell you , so that you share with me. I like to be a real pseudo-woman, not cover to cover, outspoken nature, a sub-leisurely two free and easy. Watch TV, books, and followed th coach bags uk e uncertain mood sorrows and joys of the characters, or face the envy, or happy laugh, or cry splinters. You looked at me and laugh, look inclusive. I like that you ask me the phrase: "If there is next life, you still marry me?" I smiled and said how can my next life, tears already streaming down. If there is next life, how could I not want to marry you?

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