Began Shihai with green leaves

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Because I do not know the day my spirit tower collapsed, I do not know which day will never sleep on. There is also a romantic ways I even have the time, space, distance, andding battle day after day. Every morning, set foot tall slightly narrow empty classroom building, feel into the one no one is interested in the remote hamlet. Inside overgrown with weeds, rats and ants in the same hole story but invisible to the naked eye. Fortunately, all is desolate Nike Air Max yellow, single dry. And I do not know when to begin, I became a tree here.


 Began Shihai with green leaves, in the face of all kinds of new things will Yijingyizha. But it did not last long, I start to dry up, as white as chalk, on the outside, inside, sit on the sidelines. I've become placid become senile. Later, I became completely a West wind and the old Royal Suites tree, everywhere deserted I do not know who to tell. In fact, in the pre-transplant, I still have a happy day. Then autumn, cold winds, fallen leaves rustling lazy evening sunset, with friends, in twos and threes, free to squander proceed in a lot of youth. Laughter rendering west Cheap Nike Air Max Caixia, autumn wind blew away the fine pretty hair. Forget the existence of time, forget the sorrow depression, as a child, heartless.


 At that time, not to think about human nature, will not propose similar "Who Am I" inscrutable. Only occasionally sentimental, pure joy. However, the time goes by, people are fickle. Little do they know ornate appearance by organs plot. I am all the way to lift the trouser legs are bound to suffer. Looking at those people, because of the name because of Lee, distorted faces distorted heart, only in the side of the stem Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes sigh. May I sigh gap pairs of ice-cold hand me down to the water. Deep cold water, I struggled to cries for help, and also earned just echo. Turned out the only way to save himself, that is their own. When I finally covered in glistening embarrassed climbed, I heard them ridicule. Had again fled. In a strange place, I saw a slip between all sorts of people, the majestic scenery, as well as from the time. The flee been wound dreams about it.

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