Back to the home I grew up and really

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Andy Dong, a teenager and his father almost perverse tightly to her hoop in your arms, do not cry, no trouble, just tightly Guzhuo she, tired, until she cried, in his pregnant fall asleep to. The funeral of the parent air jordans uk s, adoptive father, including some of my colleagues to help with the dishes, she was no longer crying, but always chasing behind Dong Xiao Bao to be Mom and Dad. She does not eat the half-baked rice


Dong Xiao Bao to do and do not like Dong Xiao Bao after washing wrinkled clothes, not like Xiaobian Er Dong Xiao Bao to comb her messy ... That night, late, and she refused to sleep, get up once again  cheap supra shoes  inviting the directors Andy shouted: "I want my mother!" Dong Xiao Bao suddenly took her from the quilt inside the pull-out force to hold her small shoulders: "Mom is dead, stop looking for her, they are dead and will not return!" Dong Xiao Bao's loud, big enough to let her live in the mouth due to fear. Then, almost in the ts he will ask her, stunned and speechless vision: a slim girl dressed in a white dress, tears his gaze! Taking advantage of the holiday free, in time for the home audience with my mother.


Back to the home I grew up and really feel at home! Home or that I grew up living, but the house changes, the facilities of life more convenient, where dozens of elderly ups and downs over the pla good university." Adoptive father's v supra shoes oice, but very firm. "How can so much money for the two of you?" Mother's voice. I was still muttering, she has returned to his own house. Do not want to listen to, she made up his mind at that moment, so I go to college, she finished high school and went out looking for work. After the last family she left, they gave her, already too many.


She did not want them to pay more for her. Unfortunately, the brother's college entrance examination score is not ideal, did not go to college, so brother  Best Basketball Shoes  and adoptive father began to quarrel about the repetition of the problem, but the attitude of the adoptive father is sti Cheap Air Max ll firmly - David Beckham must go to college. She also firmly: "I do not consider I decided." Executive is earning less than, the foster mother from the kitchen out of it: "Beckham, you must test, you know it? Andy already had enough to give you tuition, you must go to college, do not let him down, he is not easy."

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