At this point I have to understand

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Life difficult for water Gorges cloud. My love for you to gradually precipitate, the pressure in my heart thousand years, you love to kill a man, fell to the ground the moment, his eyes smiled. My dear, you see it? (8) Xinyu Tonight, there is no wind, the rain beating on my heart, Adidas Shoes UK such as the howling of the strings, such as your touching and whispers, if your angry when slightly at the lips. The stars at night, my dream quietly climbs up past your window, holding the hand of your dream, and go wandering; we firmly cling to the long embrace, in the days of the career, the angle of the sea, you tell with your eyes what you desire;


At this point I have to understand, you are my life only waiting! The day the earth, your beauty is only I could see your thoughts only I can read, you all I would like to tender shoulders to pick, to give you a no wind, no rain days ... (Ix) the Timberland UK intimate love Thank you, dear The wandering heart finally has destination You with your tenderness I will not go wandering This is my life is not yet clear debt Thank you, dear Let this beautiful Forever in our hearts Drawing near, eachother Sometimes, I just want to see your smile Let our hearts with the cheerful beat Thank you, dear The road ahead is still long I will hold your hand From rising to the sunset nike air jordan Was young Toward white-haired Thank you, dear Always be my daughter-in-law! I have hours and weak, and can not follow the barbaric kids play together.


My mother was not allowed and they run around wildly. The hours never develop the habit of lively Womens Supra Shoes game, no matter where, I always genteel manner. Home elders say I look like Mr. ", then call me do porridge Mr.". Nickname called out, people know that the younger son of Mr. Mr. called porridge. Both "sir", I can not help but put on a point, "Mr." like the urchin who can not follow the "wild". One day, I am in my horoscopes door and a group Adidas Basketball Shoes of children throwing coins, an elders walked he saw me, smiled and said: "porridge Mr. throw coins?" 

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