At once that they had deep talked

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Since he began to notice the little girl, and later learned that her twin sister, she is a sister, a young girl named Xiao Ya. Sister than her term, and his sibling. During high school, they almost had a chat, and even a small United States does not know his name. Until later, she was on the university, and only know his name: Tianhao. Which she shocked, how domineering name. But then she found that the more domineering, as if Discount MBT Shoes to turn the tide of the potential, with the general demeanor. Spring of that year, in a starry night, the stars throughout the universe, seems to indicate a historic event. He went to night classes, back to the dormitory, got into bed and took out to buy a new


Nokia phone, board of QQ, see the beauty in the girls grouped QQ online, so he and she be Cheap Air Max gan to recognize long up to four years after a long chat that night they talked a lot, know each other each other's situation, she first learned his name, know he enrolled in a university in Beijing, and she is in the province a medical university. The distance all the way, there is no blocking contact with Cheap Prada Handbags each other, even though he knew he could not close contacts and a small U.S. because a friend is still waiting for the arrival of hope, can he know the friends and America have been impossible. The relationship is complex, he was reserved and the small United States maintained a distant distance, despite the words do not say.


Them every day, phone and SMS contact and schedule. As time goes on, they are o Prada Trainers n the other side has a deep understanding. At once that they had deep talked about their own life and future. She said that later in their own county to open an upscale bar and convinced of their own must carve up, because this is his dream. He said that in Beijing, they have to open a five-star hotel, and then the national chain. Then he gave her Post a few things are more books and crafts, its purpose is to let her establish their own sense of professionalism, and as soon as possible, only the power of knowledge to make the weak Nike Air Max UK woman has a big career. He was convinced that endless. The later one thing led to the rupture of their close relationship, and it hurt.

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