Always wanted him to of course

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I have five dollars of the money to cover the eyes, facing the dazzling sun, the feel is like a rich man. He probably know I like him, as long as the car of Xi'an, must come to see me. Every time I see him, they cheered into his arms. He took me to a small shop selling yard, sitting in the wood and bamboo chair , let the store to shake an off ice cream to me and see my kitten ate with relish, and he reveals a satisfied look. I asked him: "Uncle, why so good to me?" He said: "elders, good children should be it, but also to reason?" I do not understand, why he told me right and proper?


Older, only The father said: "this day will soon be past. Survive the next few years, the child is big, then he can enjoy their grandchildren." Uncle of the children after work, he has been 60 years old, retired, and units of anti-engage back. Time I heard the father called to ask him: how not rest, children are married, you old married couple spending enough. " Do not know what he said, in short, the father put down the phone look very sad. Uncle units of anti-recruited back to run the railway. Therefore, the years have not seen him. Always wanted him to, of course, is no longer a childhood psychology to be sweets Timberland Boots Outlet , just wanted to see him. Always remember when I was young, he told me good. Good tutor taught me learned good, I always remember that people drip grace the smallest favor, not to mention he is my uncle, and loved ones. I would like to see him again, he Adidas Originals Trainers would not pat my head and said: "girl, taller." To face him, How can I let the elderly, such as my childhood happy? In this way, was looking forward to see him, I do not know to look forward to long, in a snowy afternoon, and finally once again saw him.


Prior, he did not tell us he would come home and no one to pick him up. He knocked on the door of my house, just at the train station was a robbery. Him out of the station, will be eyeing several small youth to follow him, passed him, touched his bag. He alerted the chase, another associates to keep up, kick him stumble. Day, uncle wearing cotton shorts around a narrow cloth scarf on his head a cap of Lei Feng. Now, no one wearing the Lei Feng hats, but he should also wearing. When he stood in my house, told us he chased the thief after, I was distressed. belstaff jackets sale He has been for money package distraught I was for his body Chen Xi. He looked greenish yellow lean face, I could not resist to tears, I think, how can such an old man now dummies? 

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