Also expose the many scars in my

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From I am from the students I have the social But there is always always such students always intentionally or unintentionally discriminate against me Sometimes say something to hurt my heart They think I dress weird They think my behavior strange NBA Players Shoes I began to quietly work I do not want to by others as heterogeneous Fortunately, I think there are several fellow students So that I can ignore the discrimination of those students with personality contempt University, many boys are in the bold pursuit of their favorite girls Many boys are in love I was in this atmosphere with the instigation of several students Bold to write a love letter .


Handed over to a girl I've liked for a long time Because of my appearance does not look good Plus the money Within the person was very rustic The girl mercilessly in front of many people face My letters revolution coach bags outlet carved genuine and sincere letter smash I just inner pain I did not hate who I just feel the exact conditions not good enough for her I said the same thing for parents I kI not afraid of hardship But people are very Pa Jimo I am very enthusiastic when I saw her classmates To pass the time about my playing cards I am happy to accept In fact, our original is often a game of cards In fact, no need to conceal My IQ is really high Timberland Boots UK So the cards often win Several students suspected me of cheating I insist that there is no Who knows those three I think that usually there is no discrimination of my classmates That has been equal to my students Even verbal abuse hurt me, ravaged my personality.


Also expose the many scars in my previous Including the girl tore up the things I love letters What suffering what the poor hard life I can live with Other discrimination contempt me I ecco shoes uk can tolerate But my few students usually slightly better even so cruel and merciless trampling and trampling my human dignity That each person has long been Aggressive discrimination against me Cruel to laugh at me My heart hurts coach bags uk My tears quietly fall I am a strong person I have never been poor hard life to defeat But when my human dignity is ruined when the horrendous When my pain was once again out to ridicule my heart bleeding Trample on me, or even usually slightly better students and fellow I can no longer gain a foothold in this atmosphere They cruel to me . 

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