Air max trainers then these circumstances he certainly clear

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Repurchase these stocks need about 55 billion yuan, while outstanding shares of the possibility of conversion of non-tradable shares is relatively small, unless your company is able to find a strong reputable company to cooperate in order to improve your company's stock Popularity . Stock of the Company can be said is scared, shunned; If you decide to solve alone event, the Commission may put forward a very demanding requirements, whether feasible in doubt, do not know that you have no such psychological preparation? Air Max Trainers did not miss the opponent, to continue to put pressure on the level of public opinion. Nike Air Max had to meditation, intuition was not a small plot of the other side of the timely help, it has been trying to avoid negotiations with opponents, he psychologically unwilling to cooperate with each other. But he knew, he underestimated his opponent, but also underestimated the situation facing the company, perhaps, the partners will Women Timberland  said the last voice was a bit low, seems deeply sorry.


 Awed by Nike Air Max, Air Max Trainers then these circumstances he certainly clear, he did not expect the other side to dissect so clear, said sharply. He knows the actual situation is worse than the other know, in the four trading days before. That is, the day before the contact between the two sides, he personally presided over that repurchase activity, but voted out money is like to go down the drain, almost without leaving any trace. He even still deplore that money, If we had not invested in it, they now have enough funds to repurchase all of the outstanding shares, as long as they Troika leave and can even buy back some of the non-tradable shares, but Now they have not so much money. Now things any company dared Timberland Sale to reach out, who SFC will not know how to deal with all this jittery shareholders of any company.


The other is the only one to negotiate, can be said to be a timely help; There is no such thing as a free lunch, and the other to ask what kind of requirements he was worried. According to our knowledge, in the three months, your company from the stock market to raise about 700 billion 135 billion, shot four days ago, is now about 550 million of the funds available, this is the advantage of the Company . But your company's stock is plummeting in a crash during the company does not have any initiatives, Nike Air Max this will be very negative assessment of the SFC, they will think your company irresponsible; shot 135 billion, are inadequate. SFC gang picky experts is very easy to find an excuse to make your company into passivity. From the existing situation, the Company's non-tradable shares is relatively stable, but up to 150 million outstanding shares of the company will easily completely bankrupt.

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