After the monthly exam

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In the laboratory, I have been looking out the window, and felt she was busy in full swing. Maybe she was really running around in circles, she cautiously said to me: "take the rope too long?" I sighed, took the rope with her completion of the Nike Basketball Shoes experiment. Since after the relationship better than ever. I'll take her to school to eat. Will be class discussion in the end is the figure of the body or chemistry teacher of physics teacher. Mimic the math teacher of Henan tune head down at the bottom laughing flushed. That tweaking for states outside of class male English teacher to give when we substitute two of us open the book over my face and lying to laugh uncontrollably on the table.


After the monthly exam, she would touch my head gently said: "Do not be sad. You see your first language class hey, English is also very powerful, Cheap Adidas Trainers really." Study up recess she would again and again put Jie We are the same, told me her dream. She said, I think that their voices frame you ignore me. She said, I hope you are happy. She said, your temper is really strange. She said, I think you. You know, I as early as the cafeteria to see a person wearing a jersey and you, I abruptly back in the crowd looking for her ... Unfortunately, not, can not you. Postscript: a little tingling, but extremely familiar with the memories of the 16-year-old that year, the growth story.


Those memories flowing belstaff leather jackets slowly in the heart, a gentle 16-year-old Kam-down in the past. 16 years old, it is really quiet good things. The end of the entrance. Bid farewell to which stacks of papers and burning the midnight oil studying for the night, my mood is relaxed. When the postman's father every day from dawn to dusk, running here and there, work hard and support their families. Although unlike other parents, as belstaff jackets uk all day the college entrance examination talks about, but I know he is all hope are pinned on me. 

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