Abstract down and hand it over

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So, you should know that sometimes love can escape permanent fingerprints and perspiration. That being said, that necklace that is only a meager value? Yes! I say it is not worth any money, but you remember what the words below followed? You say you forget, so let me say a story to remind you: Do "Once upon a time there was a father wrote to the children studying abroad, the letter said: My dear child, I long time did not receive your letter! During this time I have sent seven, you change address ?


 Cheap Supra UK busy homework? Is not feeling well? but I am really worried about all day with your mother round out to see the mailbox, and our life seems to be to wait for your letter. If you are too busy, just write a few lines to tell us well, it becomes Even if you just send a postcard, the above does not have to write, after all, from the address, we will be able to see your handwriting, but also said that you are well. Of course, if transportation is not convenient, or stepping on the snow to buy stamps, you do not hurry to reply, so that exposure to cold or slip on the ice, you can spring warm Give us a message. But! Child! We really want you! " From the above story, you find it? Who loves the father of the child, even though wistfully waiting for the child's letter to the last, but do not hurry for fear belstaff jacket of the child to buy stamps catch cold, "children should be found send! Now you think I had to say? I said: "This necklace is not worth any money, do not take off from my neck to give you, you think that priceless. If you hit the robber to your necklace, do not hesitate, do not resist it Abstract down and hand it over! it not worth the money! " Child! Your life is certainly better than this necklace precious than hundreds of millions of times, I just want to tell you in the face of the robber, remember there is life north face outlet there is hope, do not hurt in order to protect this small souvenirs. But it is not to say that it is cheaper to you can easily give not with those of the female students, when she was little birthday gift!


 He lives in Beijing, is a person related by blood, not-too-distant kinship. Beijing and Xi'an are far apart, but he often came to visit us. At that time he worked on the train, wearing dark green uniforms all day, from one city to another city. I told him to squint uncle, because he was always laughing, I am also very, very good. Each walk will take me aside and quietly stuffed a few dollars to me, and then patted me on the head, and say: "good, obedient." That year, I was 5 years old. The standing Kongkuo corridor, to see the father to send him go. He and his father's cloth pants, make up belstaff outlet the ass, ass very prominent under the sun, I watched you laugh. Laugh, they open the hands of the notes, is a five dollar bill. At that time, five dollars can buy a lot of things, I think that tomorrow you can go to small shops to buy fruits and sweets, then Mimi laughed, thinking about the uncle is really good, if every day to see me just fine. If you have sweets every day, I must be the happiest of children.



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