A rude noise behind the north face outlet rang

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The Pang plot soldiers during that time, and has smoked 56 cigarettes a day, he treated with small sedentary good, quick start the car and headed toward the direction of the red light district. The car had left, the small often located behind the dormitory flashed a shadow, is the North Face Outlet. North Face Outlet looked taxi Pang plot soldiers disappeared in the depths of the dark night lights, his eyes filled with endless hatred. Cool brother, I see you do not hold so what that Cheap Nike Trainers woman asking for too much, the the red Group more beautiful, as long as your cool brother saw the woman, which is not happy Pidianpidian?


 A rude noise behind the North Face Outlet rang him handing me a cigarette, to the North Face Outlet point. North Face Outlet smoked heavily, one by one to spit out thick smoke, deep sigh and said, hey, yeah, do not give up what trick? Woman, this seems to give her surname segment of the boy to the broken, the grass, the I not reported Cichou the do not surnamed Li, mad years later, kid you'll see! The night has been deep. Pang plot downstairs soldiers will open the car to stop. Timberland Boots Sale  care is completed, this waving the sweat raised his head, and small often was in tears. Greatest wish is to small very tightly in his arms, affectionate kiss the tears dry small often the eyes, however, but the initiative is not up.


Over the years, countless beautiful hugged has always been beautiful women who take the initiative to put into his arms, even the minority of Tea, also take the initiative to put into the arms. Now, in such a Timberlands quiet night with the alcohol began to play a role, his body pulsing with an urge to face small often such a beautiful woman, as long as their own extended embrace, just extended embrace the small often must not refuse, absolutely one smashing into his arms, so the next time will be spent in this dorm. , But not to small often outstretched arm, even if it is to lift the subtle movements of the fingers that he did not have any representation, he looked often, Road, go! Then, on her own small regular luggage, and the first out the door. Looked back, looked at with one hand and two heavy parcels as if North Face Outlet no matter small often can no longer say, is also the time to think what followed down the stairs, got into the car Pang plot soldiers.



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