A person only studious

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A person living in the world, do not go around on someone else's behavior, speech could not understand, even if their own relatives, and do not arise insist heart To revel comfortable! Never good heart to help others, but do not yield to the temptation or force anything. If a person's mind is like a void inclusive of all things, Prada UK The, arrogant own blocked the door of progress. In addition, the arrogance often have a sense of loss, and gradually have an inferiority complex.


Only one person from cultivating their hearts open-minded mind, willing to always put himself into a position of humility, the heart will feel full and well-being. Past and giving the real reason is the present and future well-off, 'REAP WHAT WE SOW sow beans and you get beans'. Prada UK Bono does not know the cause and effect, 'the tree,' think 'you get beans' because of the 'kinds of beans' is recognized as a 'get melons' due, which is the expression of ignorance.


A person only studious Buddhist wisdom, truly understand everything because of causal fruit, bright to heart, to know how to choose their own thinking, behavior, and language, only in this way can towards the light from the light, Lok Lok toward. Void Prada Sale all-inclusive, so immeasurably to finance itself; earth is capable of carrying all so vibrant, spectacular!



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