A college student graduating from Beijing University

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In fact, I personally feel that our 80, at this stage is a great advantage. We should make good use of these advantages, even if we get a good hand, we have to play to the power point. When you get first-hand the bad card, and sometimes really want to not play, but our lives still have to go on. So we should know how to use our cards in hand, try to make themselves less input point, more to win, to win the righteous. Life is like playing cards - bad card should play a good result. Hope that whether it is 70 or 8 belstaff jackets sale 0 or 90, we have to force to get what brand should play a good result.


A college student graduating from Beijing University, the biggest dream is to do a translation, accompanied by the heads of in the magnificent hall. After graduation, she was assigned to the British Embassy, ??she was glad, because this is the dream job of a others, but later learned that she was just one operator, one was looked down on the most promising positions . At this point, she did not give up on themselves, but slowly learning to like this post. She put all the names, Supra UK Shoes telephone and work in the embassy are all recorded in a book, a time on the silent recitation, she tried to remember embassy staff families of the phone and name, and finally, as much as possible to grasp the Embassy staff the work, and meals.


Whenever a call comes in, she always answered with the fastest speed, the staff are looking to go out, she would tell the other he went out, and what time might come back, and these others are not. She is fast, accurate service to not only the staff o belstaff leather jackets f the embassy to get a lot of convenience and many local government departments, staff of the praise. Later, the Ambassador also noted that this hard working girl, every time you go out to work did not forget to tell her. Moreover, in the ambassador's recommendation, she became a well-known media in English translation. Later, her outstanding performance again become a U.S. Liaison translators, and by the Department of State awards. Now, he Adidas Originals UK r identity is the Vice-Chancellor of a university in Beijing.



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